Events & Programs

Brown Bag Diversity Discussions
The Brown Bag Diversity Discussions were held on Wednesdays at noon in the Multicultural Resource Center. These informal programs featured KU faculty/staff or Lawrence community members. They allowed audience members to dialogue about specific issues regarding multiculturalism and diversity. Participants brought their lunch.

Diversity Peer Education Team
The DPET program was intended to help promote awareness about the many diversities that exist in both the college campus & Lawrence community. The team was made up of student volunteers that hosted discussions & activities that developed a better understanding & appreciation of our differences & similarities.

Diversity Training Institute
The purpose of the diversity-training institute was to provide KU faculty and staff with an intensive experience where they could focus on their own learning and development to increase competencies in the area of multiculturalism. In addition, we assisted individuals and organizations to examine their assumptions about diversity and multicultural issues. Specifically, the training goals included the following:

  • Increased understanding of the dynamics that race and ethnicity has at the university levels.
  • Discussion of the breadth of institutionalized racism.
  • Exploration of group dynamics in dominant and subordinated groups on a college campus.

On the organizational level, diversity training examined systemic issues that impede a multicultural group of employees from becoming as productive as possible, and helped participants develop strategies for making the organization more effective and successful.