Study in the States

Travel with Hawk Link

Study in the States is an experiential learning opportunity in which first and second year Hawk Link students travel to different cities in the United States at no cost. On previous trips, students have visited museums, cultural institutions and historical landmarks in Topeka, Kansas City, Omaha, Memphis and Chicago. These experiences provide accessible means to experiential learning and travel, but more importantly, are an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the narratives of marginalized identities at various intersections in American cities. Through intentional participation in these spaces, students are able to continue building community, and apply what they learn to the larger KU campus and their own student involvement.

We invite a faculty member to attend each trip in order to further facilitate these critical dialogues, and help students build relationships with scholars.

Study in the States is a collaboration between the Office of Multicultural Affairs, KU Student Housing, KU Alumni Association, and The Center for Service Learning.